What? Two pages a day 2023? Yes!

It’s just a good habit, right? Writing every day for a sustained period of time, regardless of how I feel. I post on Twitter just because it’s a kind of accountability.

So yes, it’s time again to do two pages a day again. I’ve got two stories I’ll start with and hopefully complete, and then we’ll see where things go from there.

Here are the rules I work with (create your own if these don’t suit you):

  1. Write two pages every day — that’s 500 words (Unless you’re a poet). The goal is not perfection. The goal is two pages of a crappy first draft. Quantity, not quality.
  2. Write six days a week.
  3. Take one day each week off.
  4. Write 2 pages a day until the last day of June, 2022.

Here’s to the words ahead!


About Bill Bunn

Bill’s excited because his first adult novel, Ghost in Theory, is now available everywhere! Bill Bunn is the author of several books, essays, and articles. He is currently writing two pages a day to generate the rough draft of his next novel. Bill Bunn lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bill teaches English at Mount Royal University. https://www.facebook.com/billbunnauthor
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