Ghost in Theory (Adult novel)

Ghost in Theory is NOT a YA novel. This is an adult novel, with adult themes and content.

It is the story of Dr. Paul Shreeve, an English Professor, who gets mistaken as a ghost by his neighbors. Though a man of rational thought and analysis, he cannot shake his ghostly identity. The ghost moves into his thoughts, his work, and his family and begins to eat at his very existence. The ghost hounds him to the brink as he looks for something, anything to help drive it away.

Out on the Drink


Sean Bulger is a 16-year-old alcoholic from Newfoundland. His life revolves around avoiding his abusive stepfather and sneaking booze wherever and whenever he can. One of his party crashes goes wrong when a group of fellow teens dare him to check out a condemned Russian cruise ship.

Stone drunk and obsessed with the promise of more alcohol, Sean scrambles aboard the ship, and blacks out when the boat is towed from harbour–and soon he’s adrift in a ruined ship, looking for fresh water, food, navigational tools, or anything that will help him survive.

When rescue finally comes, it’s not who he expected, and Sean gets a first-hand look into the shady worlds of ship-breaking and piracy.

Midpoint distributes the book. E-versions of the book are available at

Amazon Kindle: Out on the Drink
Barnes and Noble: Out on the Drink
Kobo: Out on the Drink

Kill Shot


Wednesday Smythe is a pimply 14-year-old high school freshman whose parents died when he was too young to remember them. Shuttling between foster care and a group home, he finds himself in a rural trailer with a hair-cutting entrepreneur for a mother and an unemployed father who pawns the foster kids’ goods to pay for fancy shampoos. Without phone, Gameboy, or iPad, Wednesday is forced by boredom into long walks along the river, where the discovery occurs that will change his life.

You can get eBook versions of Kill Shot at
Amazon Kindle Store: Kill Shot
Barnes and Noble: Kill Shot
Kobo: Kill Shot
Bitingduck Press store: Kill Shot

The print version (ISBN: 978-1-938463-53-2) should be available through your local bookseller.

Duck Boy


His mom disappeared without a trace. Believing his mom abandoned the family, Steve Best can barely function. School is a failure. Home is a disaster. Even his attempt to save a duck from the school bullies led to the nickname he’s dying to forget. When he’s sent to his Great Aunt Shannon’s house for the holidays, he encounters a curious power that lets him travel and transform the world. He might be able to use it to save his mom–but only if the thugs or the police don’t stop him first.

You can get eBook versions of Duck Boy at
Amazon Kindle Store: Duck Boy
Barnes and Noble: Duck Boy
Kobo: Duck Boy
Bitingduck Press store: Duck Boy

The print version (ISBN: 978-1938463600) should be available through your local bookseller.

Note to Canadian readers:
We’re finding that isn’t selling Duck Boy directly, but lists resellers with a large markup.  Canadian readers can order it from the Book Depository (an Amazon company in the UK) for the cover price and get free shipping.

Hymns of Home

Hymns of home

Bill Bunn’s Hymns of Home is a collection of essays previously published in Salon, The Globe and Mail, and elsewhere. These charming short pieces will touch your heart, make you laugh, and often make you think. In “Take a Walk,” the author discusses our natural mode of transportation, and how the world evolved around its speed–not the motorized speeds we’ve all become so accustomed to. On a lighter note, “The Real Reason Santa Claus Laughs” shows the havoc that Christmas presents can wreak in a household with small children. The father of three teens, Bill depicts the wonders of parenting, the natural world, and modern lifestyles with humor and insight. A total of 29 essays.

Available now on

Bitingduck press webstore

Amazon (electronic and print)

Barnes and Noble (electronic and print)

Note to Canadian readers:
We’re finding that isn’t selling Hymns of Home directly, but lists resellers with a large markup.  Canadian readers can order it from the Book Depository (an Amazon company in the UK) for the cover price and get free shipping.

Moon Canoe

Moon Canoe Cover_1

In 2001 “Moon Canoe” received an honourable mention by The Writers’ Union of Canada in its annual Writing for Children Competition.

A story about a boy’s trip to the moon in a canoe, wonderfully illustrated by Bill’s wife Linda.

Canoe Lune

Canoe luneCanoë lune est un conte poétique qui nous emmène dans un bien curieux voyage.
En pleine nuit un garçon sort un canoë et embarque avec son chat. Alors qu’il pagaye dans le reflet de lumière, ils sont pris par un rayon de lune.

Mais le garçon ne s’inquiète pas pour autant, le chat non plus qui ronronne.
Jusqu’où iront-ils ? Et pourquoi ?

Cette jolie et simple histoire est pour tout âge, des plus jeunes qui se laisseront bercer par le texte proche de la comptine et émerveillés par les couleurs des illustrations, jusqu’aux adultes qui trouveront là, tant dans les mots minutieusement choisis que dans la puissance des images, une poésie devenue bien rare.

Ce petit livre est une véritable bouffée de sérénité. A consommer sans modération.
La version originale canadienne a été récompensée par l’Union des Écrivains du Canada.

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