Two pages a day, 2019!

Two pages a day begins for 2019 in a short while. Here are the rules I work with (create your own if these don’t suit you):

  1. Write two pages every day — that’s 500 words (Unless you’re a poet) — beginning January 1, 2019.
  2. Write six days a week.
  3. Take one day each week off.
  4. Write 2 pages a day until June 30th, 2019.

I’m assembling some ideas I’ve wanted to work on. Kind of excited to begin. Hope you are too.

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Two pages a day begins for 2018

Two pages a day begins for 2018. Here are the rules:

  1. Write two pages every day — that’s 500 words (Unless you’re a poet) — beginning January 1, 2018.
  2. Write six days a week.
  3. Take one day each week off.
  4. Write 2 pages a day until June 30th, 2018.
  5. We’re done the big first draft push for 2018.

Simple, no? Get your ducks in a row, and get ready to go. It’s only 8 days from now, or so.




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February 1, 2018 Out on the Drink is launched.

After a hiccup, we’ve finally settled on a launch date for my new book, Out on the Drink. February 1. Mark your calendars. I know I’ve marked mine. The launch and reading dates will be forthcoming. I can’t wait to smell that new book smell once again!

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Here’s the cover for the new book!

Artist Jeff Delierre has done it again. He’s the same artist who did the revised Duck Boy cover, and the Kill Shot cover. What do you think? It makes me cold, just looking at it.

OOTD Cover

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Out on the Drink, the galley’s out! And you can read and comment on it before it becomes an official book.

The a draft of the story’s out. It’s up on Netgalley. Before Biting Duck Press begins its editing process, it opens it up to those who may be interested in the story. I wanted to invite any and all to read, review, and comment on the text.

It’s aimed at teen boy readers. It’s the story of an alcoholic boy in Grade 11 who ends up drifting across the North Atlantic in an abandoned Russian cruise ship.

So if you’re up for it, follow the link below. The publisher and I would be happy to take your comments and suggestions before we begin the final editing process.

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Out on the Drink, coming in 2017

The ink on the contract is dry, so it’s confirmed. Bitingduck Press will be publishing my latest YA adventure Out on the Drink this year!

I’m thrilled to be working with Bitingduck and their team again. Looking forward to bringing this project to life!



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The first rule of Italian driving.

It’s a 2-page day, if I’ve ever seen one. It’s January 2, 2017. And from January 1 to June 30, we’re going to write 2 pages a day (500 words). We’re allowed one day off a week. I usually choose Sundays. But the rest of the week, we move ahead.

Many days, I won’t feel inspired. Lots of days, the writing will be flat and lifeless. 2 pages a day is not about award-winning prose. It’s just about getting a story (or stories) onto paper. This we call the “crappy first draft.” The fixing comes after June 30th.

So we operate under one rule, articulated by Raul Julia to Tim McIntyre in the 1976 classic Gumball Rally: “And now my friend, the first-a rule of Italian driving. What’s-a behind me is not important.” Maybe a good rule for New Year’s too.

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Two pages a day, 2017

Well, people, it’s time to start again. There’s a world of words ready for mining, and I’ve had a lovely and productive break since last year’s 2 pages a day campaign. I’m in good shape, and ready to start all over.

As with all projects, I spent today laying out the tools and ingredients I’ll need for the next bit of a run. For me, it works best if I have a writing idea or two in mind. I also keep a few half-baked ideas around as well. I’ve picked a few and set them around my computer desktop so I can find them easily.

Here are the guidelines for this gig:

  1. Two pages a day, with one day off a week. That’s 500 words a day, six days a week. January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017. That’s 26 weeks of 3000 words a week, or 78,000 words.
  2. These two pages are “crappy first draft” pages. We don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or any other standard.
  3. We don’t go back and edit other days’ drafts, unless we happen to have extra time and inclination. Revision is something we save until after the end of June.
  4. We are allowed to switch projects. If you get a little stuck on one, have another handy that will let you keep your 500 word daily commitment.
  5. If you have a good day, and write 1000 words, you can bank those words against other days. I prefer to keep my 500 words a day promise, no matter how good specific days go. The regularity helps me stay disciplined.

I mention all of this, because it is time to prepare everything so come January 1, 2017, we’re off to a ripping start.

Brace yourself. It’s all about to start.

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Review: Uncertain Soldier

Uncertain Soldier
Uncertain Soldier by Karen Bass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Got around to finishing this one last evening. It’s a great read. Loaded with Alberta history, the story offers a glimpse at the tensions WWII had on Albertans and the Prisoners of War who came to be housed in this province.

The story follows two characters. A younger boy named Max and an older teen named Erich. Max is a the son of recent German immigrants to Alberta. Erich was forced to enlist in the German Navy as a 17 year-old. His ship is sunk, and he’s rescued by the Canadian Navy. He’s now a Prisoner of War (POW) in Alberta.

Erich faces discrimination and is hounded by Nazi POWs who are determined to uphold the Nazi perspective in Canada. Max, is squeezed between discrimination and his only family’s pressure to stand up for his heritage. The two struggle against the Alberta wilderness and winter and a series of mysterious accidents that threaten to destroy them both.

The book gives a historical glimpse of Alberta during the Second World War, and a pre-electric Alberta. The writing is often poetic. The story is truly Canadian and raises issues around racism, discrimination, bullying, and the war.

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Review: Power Plays

Power Plays
Power Plays by Maureen Ulrich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Power Plays, by Maureen Ulrich, is a lovely read. I finally got around to finishing it last evening. It’s the first of a trilogy. I cared about her main character, Jessie. Small town life alienates Jessie when her dad’s career forces a move from Saskatoon to Estevan. Small-town teenage shenanigans alienate her to the point where a fledgling girls’ hockey team is her only outlet. Even Jessie isn’t sure how her hockey debut is going to work out. The hockey team, too, is on shaky ground. The players aren’t sure the team is worth the investment.

The action includes fairly realistic depictions of teen culture. There is drinking, drug use, and allusions to other teen issues. But it doesn’t wallow in that culture. The descriptions of Saskatchewan hockey culture, not that I’m an expert, are spot on. It probably helped that I’d been to many of the venues the main character visits in her stories. It speaks directly to womens’ sport, womens’ issues, rural living, even touches lightly on gender identity.

Sport-minded readers will love the story. It would probably appeal more strongly to female readers, though the issues are a concern to both genders. I’m looking forward to reading the next two books!

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