About Bill


Bill Bunn is the author of several books, essays, and articles.

Bill is working on his first adult novel, to be published next year through Bitingduck! He has published three young adult novels, Out on the Drink (2018), Kill Shot (2015), and Duck Boy (2012). His published essays were collected and published as Hymns of Home, 2013. In 2003, Moon Canoe, a children’s picture book was published. Moon Canoe translated into French and released as Canoë Lune (2005).

Bill Bunn lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He and his wife, Linda, care for three dogs, and one cat. Bill is currently trying to revive a 1960 Mercury pickup. Bill teaches English at Mount Royal University.

Bill requires a projector and screen for a computer, or a large TV monitor for his presentations to Junior high and older primary grades. For presentations, from preschool to grade two, Bill prefers smaller groups (under 25) for presentations without media.



9 Responses to About Bill

  1. Bob and teresa Lonn says:

    This is a blast from your past Brother Bill! Bob the Swede and Teresa

  2. Emma says:

    I remember you when you came to my jR high last year in St.Albert/Edmonton. I loved the speech you gave!

  3. He must be getting old – he completely forgot to mention that he leads and inspires a group of people at the Millarville Church Writer’s Group that he started 6 or so years ago. Members have published 5 books and another is in the wings. The really good news is that he NEVER uses the word ‘grammar’.

  4. Laura Kendall says:

    Hi Bill
    I jave your prize money from the farm truck competition.
    Thank you Laura Kendall

  5. Bill Bunn says:

    Thank you, Laura.

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