U-boat Food

Food Supplies and Planning

Food for the u-boat crew was a bit of a trick. There wasn’t much room for storage and there was no refrigeration.

Check out an excellent article on food supplies and planning: http://www.uboat.net/men/foodstuffs.htm

Sample Weekly Menu Plan

I was able to locate a menu plan for a German U-boat U-510. This material was posted to Uboat.net. U-boat missions were often 12 weeks long. This menu plan is for the second to last week at sea.

Menu for the week from 15-21.8.1943 (eleventh week in sea)


morning: chocolate, honey, biscuits, butter
noon: tomatoe-soup, yellow boletus, potatoes, roast veal, fruits
evening: sausage, camenbert, bread,butter, tea


morning: bred, butter, jam, milk-soup
noon: read cabbage, roast-porc, potatoes, soup
evening:liver-sausage, pork, bread, lard, tea, sour-krout


morning: bread, butter jam, coffee
noon: rice, chicken, pudding
evening: maccaroni, goulasch, tee


morning: bread, butter, jam, coffee
noon: cauliflower, veal, potatoes
evening: tunny, sausage, bread, butter, tea,


morning: bread, butter, jam, milk-soup
noon: sour-krout, hip-bone, potatoes, soup, cranberries
evening: green cabbage, fried-potatoes, beef, tea


morning: bred, butter, jam, milk-soup, coffee
noon: brussels cabbage, tongue, potatoes, soup, pumpkin
evening:herring, scrambled eggs, lard, bread, butter, tea


morning: bred, butter, jam, tea
noon: bean-soup, pudding
evening: tube-cheese, black-pudding, tea, bred, butter


German u-boat recipes are hard to find.

However, The Cook Book of the United States Navy is available on line. This cookbook was revised in 1945, but contains many of the recipes that were used during World War II.  http://www.hnsa.org/resources/manuals-documents/single-topic/the-cookbook-of-the-united-states-navy/

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