It’s writing season again.

Like many around me, my life moves in seasons. There seems to be a cycle to my creative urges. Though I can always squeeze a sentence or two out, I find the Spring run, from Christmas to June my most creative of the year. I’m not sure why. It might be related to my schedule, which is a little more friendly during that time. It might be the fact that Spring is my favourite time of year. I’d love to know if others of you have found the same trend is part of your writing cycle.

I’m still in the beta-reading phase of my next YA novel, Coup de Grace (working title), scheduled for release in Spring 2015 (Bitingduck Press). There’ll be some of that editing work sprinkled through the hours of the next few months, but my focus is a couple of writing projects I want to finish.

Consequently, it’s time to get things started again. To warm up this week, I’m working on an essay. Just a page a day. A page a day over Christmas week, because I want to concentrate on eating Christmas baking. Then, back to two pages a day.

I will apologize in advance for the annoying repetition of my tweets over the next few months. They will all say essentially the same thing: two pages. I tweet these things over and over again for two reasons. One, I don’t want to tweet pictures of my breakfast. Two, in some weird way it helps hold me accountable. It forces me to think deliberately about my choice to write daily.

Here we go, again. It’ll be a good thing, right?

About Bill Bunn

Bill’s excited because his second YA novel, Kill Shot, is now available everywhere! Bill Bunn is the author of several books, essays, and articles. He is currently writing two pages a day to generate the rough draft of his next novel. Bill Bunn lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bill teaches English at Mount Royal University.
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