You’re the biggest tool (in the writing process): Part two

dog and cup

You still are the biggest tool around, when it comes to the writing process. As I’ve been suggesting, one of the most critical pieces of writing successfully is figuring out how you like to write. I can’t really tell you how that’s going to look for you, because I’ve only bothered to figure it out for myself. I know a lot of how it works for me.

As I sit in my favorite spot on the couch, looking out at the mountains, which are very clear today by the way, a dog beside me, a coffee cup within reach, I’ve created a situation that leads to decent writing by my standards.

  • How do you like to write? This, I’ve covered already. One minor addition. Different approaches lead to different results. If a person writes long hand, then types the scribbles into a computer, it’s going to produce something slightly different than if a person simply types into a computer the first time. There will be differences in the quality of the writing. Remember, too, that the writing process that is most convenient, might not be the best one. As with all things, experiment to find what works best.
  • Why do you like to write? Lots of people like to write for particular reasons. One of the most popular moods that motivates writing, for example, is anger. Anger is very common in writing and music. It’s not the only motivator. Another is infatuation. I notice that I have “moods” that typically encourage me to write. I also know a little bit about how to handle those moods, or my writing will go flat. Sometimes, if I talk about how I’m feeling before I write, I lose the energy I had to write, for example. So, I’ve learned, in some situations, to write first, and then discuss things.

Remember, figuring out how you like to write is important so you learn how to better deploy yourself as a writer and get the best results you can. Some folks like to sort out what kind of writer they are before they begin a writing project, or if you’re like me, you’d probably start and figure it out as you go along.

About Bill Bunn

Bill’s excited because his second YA novel, Kill Shot, is now available everywhere! Bill Bunn is the author of several books, essays, and articles. He is currently writing two pages a day to generate the rough draft of his next novel. Bill Bunn lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bill teaches English at Mount Royal University.
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